Covid-19 Vox Pop Video creation Instructions

3 Oct 2020 8:21 PM | Anonymous

Use your camera or smartphone and record yourself answering a few questions and use to send it to between October 1st and 14th. Your videos should be no longer than 10 minutes long. 

Disclaimer: Your video is not guaranteed to be selected due to the limited slots available. Your video might be edited to tighten your story. By submitting your video, you have expressly given the Lupus Foundation Jamaica the permission to use your recording for current and future promotions and awareness events conducted by the Lupus Foundation Jamaica.

Instructions on recording video with a smartphone. at home without any equipment


Other tips

Other Instructions

1. Do not do a selfie holding your camera with your hand. The footage can often be shaky and jarring to the viewer's eyes.

2. Film in a quiet place away from loud noises like traffic, dogs barking or people shouting.

3. Ensure your face is lit by turning on a lamp and pointing it toward your face or filming facing a window.

4. Do not film yourself far away from the camera. You will sound better the closer you are to the video.

5. Read the questions and familiarize yourself with your answers before recording.

6. Ensure the video is in focus so we can see you clearly.

7. Lastly, relax, be yourself and speak from the heart.


  • Do you have lupus, or are you closely connected to someone with lupus (share how)?
  • In what ways have you (or your loved one) most been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?  Or How are things different for you than before?
  • How are you reacting or adapting to these changes?
  • If we were able to get together experts in a room, to provide solutions and tools to address to your most pressing issues related to life during Covid-19 (as a lupus patient/caregiver), what would you most want them to address or share about?”

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