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The Lupus Foundation of Jamaica is a member-sponsored, volunteer-run, Organisation in operation since 1984, dedicated to improve the lives and outcomes of persons affected by lupus through information, education, advocacy and support.  

Jamaica has one of the highest rates of lupus worldwide, with thousands of Jamaicans affected by this serious and lifelong, and in some cases life-threatening, autoimmune disease, typically without warning at the peak of their productive lives. Delayed diagnosis or inadequate treatment may lead to permanent disability or even death.  Persons affected also struggle with the debilitating effects of the disease, disruption of their lives, high cost of treatment and living with a condition that may be poorly understood by families, co-workers or the community at large.  On the other hand with early diagnosis, access to the right treatment, knowledge and support, persons with lupus are able to achieve optimal health and live fulfilling and productive lives.

In 2019 we made over 400 support contacts through our Learning Centre, providing persons and their families with information about lupus, help in finding treatment centres, and connection with a support community. We distributed over 3000 pieces of literature through hospitals and clinics and outreach events and conducted public awareness campaigns through live and print media, interactive website and social media platforms, and organized Medical Symposium and public lectures to educate health professionals in the recognition and treatment of lupus.  We continued to provide our members with access to discounts, medical assistance, free professional counselling, monthly support group meetings, access to interactive learning sessions with health professionals, and whatsapp support group as well as regular newsletters and updates.  We were able to work with policy makers and government bodies such as the National Health Fund to provide substantial subsidies for costly medications for all lupus patients.  We were able to secure and facilitate donation of key diagnostic equipment that will help save lives.  With your help we can continue this work and do even more to win the fight against lupus.

Our work at LFJ is funded entirely through donations and fundraising activities, many of which have now been adversely impacted by the Covid19 Outbreak.  We are currently on a drive to raise 4 million dollars to sustain this work and provide assistance to persons needing support in the treatment for lupus. Consider making a tax-deductible donation that would be acknowledged on our website and social media pages. 

Thanks in advance for your support in the fight against lupus.

7 Barbados Avenue
Kingston 5, Jamaica, W.I.

876-778-3892 (Voice/Text/Whatsapp)


Learning Centre Hours
Monday - Friday

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